It all starts with a dream.
Power Ridge Newfoundlands is a small kennel nestled on 7 acres of fenced in pasture land in the Maryland countryside outside of Gaithersburg. We currently live with Eight Newfoundlands. The guy's enjoy the ability to roam the pastures, woods and play in the stream located on our property.  Our Newfs are part of our family and live in our house with us. They  have free roam of the house, eat with us and sleep where every they feel like.  Our dogs often vacation with us down at the Outer Banks.
We purchased our first Newfoundland from St. Alban's Newfoundlands (Avalanche) back in 1995 and our second Newfoundland from Toad Hall (Toad Hall Dreams of a Blizzard (Lizzy)) the same year. We showed Avalanche to his championship and a CDX in obedience he also achieved a Sr. water title.  At the same time, we were busy showing and training Lizzy.  Lizzy went on to become out first VN.  Over the years we have added Newfoundlands from Bear N Mind Kennels and Old Bay Newfoundlands.

After more than 15 years of being owned by Newfoundlands, showing in breed, obedience and working events, we decided to take the next step and breed our first litter. Having put in many years of research into the health and welfare of our breed. We only wish to enhance our breed. It is time to give something back to the breed if we possibly can. In 2011 with the help of our mentors Kathy Hamilton, Cindy and John Flowers from Old Bay Newfoundlands and so many other people we've met over the years we are very thrilled that we got the opportunity of breeding Allie to such a great dog as Lincoln.  The Allie/Lincoln breeding produce 7 beautiful puppies.  Three of them have gone on to earn AKC championships, and now working towards the Grand Championship title and one have earned a water rescue title.

Our dogs are raised on a species appropriate raw diet, consisting mainly of raw meat (organ and muscle), ground bone and fish (beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, rabbit, salmon, and mackerel). Additionally small amounts of seasonal vegetables and fruits and raw meaty bones are provided.  Supplements are provided as needed.We recommend to our puppy buyers that they continue to feed a raw diet.   It definitely does take a bit more work to locate your food sources, and prepare the dog’s meal. Having an extra freezer is handy so you can purchase in bulk.   Two of our main food suppliers are Oma’s Pride Frozen Raw Food located in Ct and Top Quality Dog Food located in Maryland.
I would take many pages to fully explain the benefits of a raw diet and provide our diet.  If you are interested in learning about raw diets we recommend that you read the following books
Give Your Dog A Bone
Grow Your Pup With Bones
 The BARF Diet. (BARF stands for “bones and raw food” or “biologically appropriate raw food”).
The cost of a raw diet is economical when compared with the use of high grade commercial kibbile dog food.

We're dedicated to provide sound, healthy and beautiful family companions

Powder Ridge Newfoundlands​