At Powder Ridge Newfoundlands, our goal is to provide sound, healthy,  beautiful family companions that meet the AKC breed standard capable of winning in the conformation  and obedience ring while maintaining the natural instincts and drive for draft and water work.

This is NOT a puppies for sale website.  We are a small Newfoundland fancier kennel. We enjoy training our dogs for the breed ring, obedience, water and draft work.  We do on occasion have puppies, young dogs or adults available. Please enjoy or website and dogs, contact us if you are interested in owing a Newfoundland or if you just have questions about the breed.
It is is very important that you fully research the breed.  While Newfys are extremely loyal and great partners, they also  shed constantly, and drool!  They require regular grooming which is costly and/or time consuming. Please remember Newfoundlands  are definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE!

Powder Ridge Newfoundlands​

We're dedicated to provide sound, healthy and beautiful family companions